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2x World Champion, Olympic bronze medallist

It was an icy, slushy, beautiful morning for paddling yesterday.

A paddle and weights for the last two workouts of the year. Thanks for being a good year, 2018!

The pic doesn’t really capture it, but this was a pretty nice view.

It’s official: this year there is no off-season! The lakes may be frozen but I found a place on the ocean to store my @nelokayaks 560 surfski and hopefully paddle all winter. So far so good!

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Looks like yesterday was the last day on the lake...Time to move to salt water.

It sure feels good to bring back some speed to the program!

New motto: if it’s warm enough for Alex Harvey it’s warm enough for me.

My Superboy enjoying his second Halloween! Happy Halloween everyone!

Last race of the season and a perfect day to end it!

That’s a wrap for the world champs. Leaving Portugal disappointed after a mess up in the semi but thinking back to those perfect races in the past that keep me optimistic about the future and happy to keep doing what I love. #icfsprint

Attention sailor friends and lovers of Canadian sport! @canfund is set up at @chesterraceweek with swag and custom sailing paintings in support or summer athletes from Nova Scotia. In celebration of Chester Race Week, all donations made to CAN Fund online until Aug 18th will be supporting summer athletes from Nova Scotia, like me. Please donate online (link in bio) and check out the paintings for sale at the event. Thank you for your support :) #chesterraceweek

It’s great to be back home enjoying the best that Nova Scotia has to offer. Paddling on the ocean today was a refreshing change and we had a great day for it. Thanks @ecokayakns for hosting us!