Mark de Jonge

2x World Champion, Olympic bronze medalist

I had a great time playing basketball against @willnjoku on his 50th birthday today. Happy birthday Will! Will is hoping to raise $50k for over the course of his 50th year. Please give Will and Funsports a follow as they promote sport accessibility and diversity for youth #50forfun

Today was an intense and memorable day of racing defined by blazing heat, cold towels, ice vests, cold tubs, and lots of hydration. We raced the heat and quarterfinal with a very quick turnaround between the two and I’m happy to say we are through to the semi finals tomorrow with a shot to make the final. Thanks to everyone who helped us onshore. It was a big team effort. I can’t wait to see what we can do tomorrow! #tokyo2020 Photo credit: @canoekayakcan

Loved this opportunity to share my journey with @cocacola, along with other athletes within the Coke family!

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500 TC today “Go out hard and find solutions” - @ppoulin11

Thank you CANFund! I’m so happy and relieved to have been named a @canfund recipient once again! CANFund is a charity that supports Canadian athletes training for the Olympic/Paralympic games and has helped me greatly throughout my career. When finances are tight, athletes can apply for $6,000 of support to make ends meet and cover training expenses. With the upcoming summer and winter Olympics only months apart, the need for donations is urgent. Please consider donating so that Canada’s athletes will have the support needed to excel on the world stage. If you are able to donate, please do so at the link in my bio and thank you so much for supporting Canadian athletes.

Proud to share I’m officially a part of Team Coca-Cola! I am incredibly excited to be joining the stage with the other five superstar athletes from across Canada as we celebrate the many flavours of greatness with @cocacolaco_ca and support @teamcanada! 🇨🇦 Keep an eye out for more to come this spring! #coca-cola #teamcanada

Hi all, I’d like to bring your attention to a GoFundMe campaign that has been set up for my sister, Carlin, who was involved in a severe and debilitating accident while cycling in Calgary in September and am asking for donations and shares, if you are willing and able. Please find the link in my bio. Carlin was involved in a cycling accident that broke her neck and left her paralyzed below her arms with limited use of her hands. She has spent the last three months in the hospital learning how to function with her new reality and is, thankfully, getting discharged this week. Carlin is extremely excited to return home to celebrate Christmas with her family and her son’s 2nd birthday. Her partner, Yoeri, has renovated their house as needed to accommodate a wheelchair but she will be stuck on the main floor until they can find a more accessible housing option as the renovations needed for the entire house would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Numerous costs are adding up and your support would be greatly appreciated. For those of you who have donated already, thank you so much! Your kindness means the world to me and my family.

The motorboat couldn’t keep up on the start this morning but caught up for the last 75m of this 250m! #tokyo2021 🎥 @chadbrooks80

Flatwater kayakers: consider trying your long aerobic stuff in a surfski. You won’t be disappointed! I spent the first part of the morning on the ocean exploring some sights and am off to the lake now for some high intensity work in my K1.


Exploring Halifax from a different perspective today. 16km and a 1,400 calorie credit to spend on something tasty! 🥩🍺

Paddling and boating is now allowed in Nova Scotia! With rules limiting the number of people training at clubs, it may be tricky for everyone to get their training in. Luckily for me there is a big ocean to paddle on!